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I provide professional HR & Recruiting services, working closely to the customer to understand their needs and adjust the required profiles as necessary along the process. I have experience with various roles and industries, and I have worked both for multinational companies and start-ups. I understand very well the start-up culture. During the last years I have developed a big pipeline of candidates (databases of my own, +14000 contacts in LinkedIn, a strong network of referrals) and a deep knowledge about different recruiting sources and their effectiveness. I assess not only candidate’s knowledge, but also their motivations, soft skills, potential and cultural match. If required by the customer I can also include in the selection process specific technical questions or tests to optimize the process timing. Along the whole process I provide support and consultancy to the customer being available at any time via email/chat or pre-arranged videoconferences (Check-In or Ad Hoc meetings agreed with the customer). I am passionate about HR & Recruiting and I take special care of the candidates experience, being aware that I am representing customers’ image, with a high sense of professionalism and always pursuing customer’s satisfaction in order to build long term relationships based on trust and mutual growth.

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Banking, Finance, Insurance Consumer, Retail, Fashion Education Marketing, Advertising, PR Outsourcing & Consulting Technology Other Transport, logistics & automotive
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