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1. Sign up and tell us what you need
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Global recruiting
made easy
Global recruiting
made easy
Why Relancer
Hire for any country and role
Access a global pool of 1200+ on-demand recruiters specializing in different countries, industries and roles. Need a senior tech recruiter in Germany? An executive recruiter in the US? A sales recruiter in Spain? We’ve got you covered.
Save time and cut costs
Freelance recruiters work with you for only as long as you need them helping you save time and cut costs by 50%. You’ll get exactly what you need based on your project scope, budget, role or location.
Get matched with vetted recruiters
All recruiters in the Relancer network go through our vetting process. We’ll match you with the ones who have the right skills and experience for your specific challenge. You’ll be able to access the feedback recruiters received for previous projects.
One-stop-shop for recruiting abroad
Everything you need to hire abroad in one place. Find recruiters covering 150 countries. Receive multiple fee proposals, compare recruiters’ expertise, services and previous work. Save time on recruiter search and find the best fit.
Your own personal advisor
You’ll have a dedicated account manager making sure your collaboration with recruiters runs smoothly. We'll support you with contracts and payments so you can be focused on what you do best - recruiting.
Committed recruiters
We only work with clients who provide exclusivity for their recruitment projects. In return, you'll work with recruiters who will make your project a priority. You get to communicate and collaborate directly with the recruiter(s) you pick.
On-demand recruiting solutions for every hiring need
Work with a freelance recruiter
Find a niche recruiter specializing in the role, location and industry you need. Freelance recruiters are a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to in-house recruiters and agencies.
Embed recruiters in your team (RPO)
External experts will join your team on demand, using your tools and processes to reach hiring goals. Pay a monthly subscription fee and start instantly. It’s flexible, efficient and tailored to your needs.
Connecting with recruiters is free
Get matched with recruiters that fit your needs in 48h
Access a network of 1200+ recruiters and find yours
Compare multiple proposals and choose the best fit
A personal advisor to support you during the process
Only pay the recruiter for their recruitment service
If you decide to hire a recruiter, you’ll pay them based on the price and pricing model you agree on before they start recruiting. Here are the most common pricing models that recruiters use.
Hourly fee
Pay the recruiter based on the hours spent on your project.
Pay a fee in several installments based on the agreed milestones for each installment.
Contingency fee
Pay a percentage of the annual salary of the hired candidate.
Pay a fixed monthly fee to embed recruiter(s) in your team.
Our recruiter network
Technical sourcer from Nigeria

Recruited for MessageBird, Bolt and Nanotronics.
Developer roles Product roles Data Science roles C-level roles
Talent sourcer from Ireland

Hired 150 administrative tech and service employees in one month.
HR & Recruitment roles Operational roles
Technical Recruiter from Portugal

Hired 120 people for global startups.
Developer roles IT infrastructure roles Product roles Data Science roles
Technical recruiter from Estonia

Filled 25 tech roles in Estonia in 1 year.
Developer roles Product roles Data Science roles IT infrastructure roles
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