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Are you a freelance recruiter or you’d love to become one? Access exciting recruiting projects while we take care of sales and business.
Looking for recruitment side gigs? Look no further. At Relancer you choose how much you work and which projects you’d like to work on.
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You choose who you want to work with. Tell us which industries, roles or locations you prefer and we’ll match you with ideal recruitment projects for your skills.
Access trusted clients and exclusive projects
Become visible to hundreds of brands from all over the world. Get matched with clients who are hard to reach. You’ll get info about your client and their hiring needs via Relancer’s project feature.
Communicate with clients directly
Our goal is to have as much transparency as possible. You’ll get to communicate with your clients directly and set the terms of your collaboration together.
Get support and guidance
Your advisor will help you get started and support you every step of the way. We’ll help you create fair contracts and step in to resolve any tricky situations.
How it works
1. Create your free Recruiter Profile
Highlight your core focus, show your skills and experience, and set your ideal pricing.
2. Choose projects you love
Set your preferences and let opportunities flow to your inbox. You’ll only receive projects that fit your skills, experience and interests.
3. Get to know the client and the project
Hop on an intro call to meet the client and learn more about their needs and expectations.
4. Collaborate directly and securely
From contract to payments to feedback, we help you work with ease and efficiency.
Supporting long-term collaboration
Sliding Platform Fee
No upfront costs
Relancer charges freelancers a sliding fee based on the lifetime billings with a specific client. In other words, the more business you do with one client, the more you take home.

We charge a fee of:

  • 15% for the first €20,000 billed with the client
  • 10% for lifetime billings with the client that exceed €20,000
Why recruiters love Relancer
“Relancer helps to work with some truly great companies. An added benefit - the personal support from Relancer's team.”
Andjela P.
How is Relancer different from other freelance platforms?

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