Making global hiring easy.
Relancer makes global hiring easy for every employer by unlocking access to 1200+ trustworthy recruiters with talent pools in 150 countries. We strive to help companies of all sizes find recruiting partners who match their hiring needs, anywhere in the world.
The Relancer Story
How it all began
Before Relancer, our team was helping tech companies find and relocate IT talent from various countries, including Brazil, Portugal, the UK, the US and Eastern Europe.

We soon realized that skilled candidates weren't actively applying for job positions. The best way to reach global talent was by partnering with local recruiters.
Unlocking global talent
Even the companies that excel at recruiting in their home country struggle to recruit talent abroad. It's tough to tap into new markets without the right experience, local network and know-how.

That’s why we connect you with recruiters who understand the local job market and have access to the candidates you need.
We believe external recruiting should be
Trusted and transparent
If you’ve ever tried finding trustworthy recruiters, especially for specific regions or industries, you know it's tough. That’s why we introduce you to vetted recruiters who are committed to your project. To achieve transparency, employers and recruiters communicate directly.
Supported every step of the way
We are committed to supporting employers and recruiters to make every collaboration a success. Whether it’s guidance for picking the right recruiter, solving any hiccups along the way or sharing the best resources for working with external recruiters, we’re there for you.
Expert and specialized
Every recruiting challenge is different. That’s why our focus is building a diverse network of skilled recruiters that can solve any challenge. More than 1200+ recruiters are on Relancer. They specialize in various roles and industries, covering 150 countries.