The Relancer Story

It all started with a recruitment project where we needed External Recruiters with a specific expertise and location. Now we help SMBs solve their recruitment challenges by connecting them with the right recruiters around the world.

Changing the way companies work with recruiters

Finding a trusted recruiting partner who matches your current needs, should be just a few clicks away and accessible to companies of all sizes.

The role of Relancer is to be your personal advisor and the go-to platform for businesses and recruiters to connect, collaborate, and communicate.

We believe external recruiting should be

Transparent and honest

We've seen too much dishonesty and miscommunication. With Relancer, we take a stand against the traditional sales-driven recruitment industry. It's time to tear down walls and focus on what matter most – thoughtfulness, caring and quality.

Easy and fast

Working with an external recruiter should be simple and stress-free. They should reduce your workload, not create more. That's why we're building a network of recruiters and the necessary processes. So you don't have to.

Expert and specialized

General recruiters with a wide expertise are great for your in-house recruiting team. But some recruiting challenges require specialized recruiters. For example, hiring your VP of Sales will be done much faster by an experienced Sales Recruiter.

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It began with hiring recruiters from around the world

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Before Relancer, our team was helping tech companies find and relocate IT talents from abroad. We worked with candidates from Brazil, Portugal, UK, Eastern-Europe, United States and more. To reach these candidates, we had to find and verify External Recruiters, who knew the local markets and had specific skills in tech recruitment and sourcing.

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If you don't know already, let me tell you... Finding a trusted recruiter with a specific skill set in a specific location, is finding a needle in a haystack. If you don't have the know-how, it will take a lot of time and effort to get it right.

While building our network of recruiters, crafting the necessary paperwork and setting up processes... We started to wonder if the resources we've built could be beneficial to other companies as well.

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Now we help SMBs work with External Recruiters from around the world. So you can avoid the stressful and risky experience of hiring the wrong recruiting partner.

Helping SMBs build great teams

Our mission is to help small businesses and innovative startups grow bigger, thrive and make their impact in the world. Successful businesses are built by great teams. Great teams are built with expert recruiters.

We'll help you find the recruiter(s) your team needs.

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Eero Veider
Founder and Chief Executing Officer