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How to recruit in the cybersecurity industry | Relancer Podcast #4

Join us as we discuss how to hire cybersecurity talent with SOCRadar's Director of HR.

In today's episode, we discuss recruiting cybersecurity talent with Andjela Petrovic, a Talent Acquisition and HR expert specialized in cybersecurity.

About the guest

Andjela Petrovic is a Global HR Director at SOCRadar and a cybersecurity Talent Acquisition expert. She has a 8+ track record of recruiting the best engineering, product, sales, presales and marketing experts to leading technology, cybersecurity, SaaS and PaaS companies worldwide. A fun fact about Andjela is that she started out as a PR manager and then transitioned to recruitment.

About the episode

In this episode, we explore the unique challenges of recruiting in the cybersecurity industry, including the need for technical knowledge and understanding of different roles. Andjela shares strategies for attracting cybersecurity talent, such as personalized messaging and building a strong community. We also cover the importance of employer branding and the main channels for finding cybersecurity talent. We also touch upon things like career progression and bonuses for cybersecurity roles.


  • Recruiting in cybersecurity requires a deep understanding of technical roles and the industry as a whole, making it more challenging than standard tech recruitment.
  • Personalized messaging and building a strong employer brand are effective tactics for attracting cybersecurity talent.
  • While LinkedIn is the main source for finding cybersecurity talent, outreach can be done via LinkedIn, email and cold calling.
  • When it comes to cybersecurity talent, North America is the leading region followed by countries like Israel, the Netherlands, UK and Germany. Other regions are growing so you can find talent in the APAC region as well as other EU countries like France or Italy.
  • Career progression in cybersecurity varies depending on the role, but staying with a company for at least three years is often seen as a sign of success in sales roles.

Topics discussed

00:00 Introduction and Background
01:48 Career Path and Transition to Recruitment
04:37 The Need for Recruitment Education
07:16 Understanding Technical Roles in Cybersecurity
08:05 Recruiting Sales Teams in Cybersecurity
09:04 Recruiting Cybersecurity Talent
13:59 The Importance of Education in Cybersecurity
15:53 Security Measures for Remote Work
18:36 Effective Strategies to Attract Cybersecurity Talent
21:37 Selling Points in Cybersecurity Recruitment
25:26 Becoming the Employer of Choice in Cybersecurity
27:31 Career Progression in Cybersecurity
31:14 Finding Cybersecurity Talent in Different Countries
37:44 Progression and Job Changes in Cybersecurity

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