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How to use psychology to improve your recruitment process | Relancer Podcast #5

Join us as we discuss how to apply psychology in every step of the hiring process.
How to use psychology to improve your recruitment process | Relancer Podcast #5

In today's episode, we discuss the use of psychology in talent acquisition with Tome Nedinkovski, psychologist and co-founder at Psyent and Relaxifyapp.

About the guest

Tome is a psychologist and a talent consultant who has co-founded Psyent, a talent consultancy and RPO company, and Relaxifyapp, a mental health app. He's experienced in recruitment, selection, and personality assessments and has a passion for applying psychological science to organizational development.

About the episode

In this episode, we discuss how to use psychology in recruitment. We go into every step of the hiring process and share actionable advice on how you can use psychology to improve each step of the process. From identifying hiring needs and writing job descriptions to onboarding, you'll get insights on how to apply psychology in talent acquisition.


  • Psychological theories, such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs, can be applied to job descriptions to attract the right candidates.
  • When sourcing candidates, prioritize those who align with the desired personality type for the role.
  • Building trust and providing constant feedback can help motivate and engage candidates throughout the hiring process. Transparency, reliability, competence, honesty, and openness are key factors in building trust.
  • You can overcome bias in candidate selection by using standardized psychometric assessments, conducting competency-based interviews, and training hiring managers to be aware of biases.
  • To achieve a higher offer acceptance rate, recruiters should address candidate concerns, be transparent about the pros and cons of the position, and coach hiring managers to create a positive candidate experience.

Topics discussed

00:00 Introduction and Background
9:16 Using Psychology to Identify Hiring Needs
22:31 Applying Psychology in Job Descriptions
32:40 Communication Tips
35:40 Screening and Selection Assessment
40:18 Motivating and Engaging Candidates
42:24 The Five Domains of Trust
44:26 Overcoming Bias in Candidate Selection
50:43 Team Roles and Psychometric Assessments
54:14 Achieving a Higher Offer Acceptance Rate
56:55 Successful Onboarding

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