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Crafting compelling job descriptions that make candidates apply | Relancer Podcast #8

Crafting compelling job descriptions that make candidates apply | Relancer Podcast #8

In today's episode, we peek into job descriptions with Nadia Vatalidis, Interim Director, Talent Acquisition at Camunda.

About the guest

Nadia has a distinguished track record in building startups and scaling companies, emphasizing that the best companies are built through collaborative efforts. She is passionate about designing effective employee experiences in remote-first environments and fostering inclusive cultures.

Previously, 👉👉 contributing to its growth from 75 to 1300 employees. Her work at Remote significantly impacted people operations and internal onboarding, helping scale operations across over 75 countries.

About the episode

In this episode, we explore the relationship between job descriptions, company storytelling, and recruitment strategies with Nadia Vatalidis. Nadia shares her extensive experience in enhancing candidate and employee experiences in remote-first companies, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and strategic communication in talent acquisition.

We delve into the challenges of crafting compelling job descriptions that truly reflect the needs and culture of a company, particularly in a remote work environment. Nadia discusses the common pitfalls in job description writing, such as overloading with unnecessary requirements, which can discourage potential candidates. She highlights the value of simplifying job descriptions to include only essential skills and encouraging a broader range of applicants to foster diversity.

The conversation also covers practical tips on integrating effective storytelling into job descriptions, the significance of alignment between corporate and employer branding, and the role of hiring managers in the recruitment process. Nadia advocates for proactive engagement and clear communication strategies to streamline hiring processes and enhance candidate experiences.


  • Crafting job descriptions that resonate with the company's culture and needs is essential, especially in a remote work environment. Overloading descriptions with unnecessary requirements can deter potential candidates.
  • Emphasizing authenticity and strategic communication in talent acquisition helps create meaningful connections with candidates, particularly important in virtual settings.
  • Sharing a story from GitLab, Nadia highlighted how a mistake with sending candidate feedback inadvertently led to an advocacy moment, showing the importance of handling errors transparently.
  • Nadia advocates for simplifying job descriptions to focus on essential skills and encouraging a broader range of applicants, which helps foster diversity.
  • Integrating effective storytelling into job descriptions can significantly enhance the recruitment process, making positions more attractive and understandable to potential candidates.
  • It's crucial for the corporate brand and employer branding to align to deliver a consistent message to both candidates and customers.

Topics discussed

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Learning Storytelling from Product Management
02:58 A Fuck-up Story About Storytelling
06:12 The Learning Opportunities
08:28 The Fundamentals
09:10 Kicking Off the Hiring Process – How to Do It Right?
11:19 The Role of Storytelling in Job Descriptions
17:39 The Importance of Storytelling
22:22 The Power of Storytelling in Job Descriptions
24:22 The Role of Hiring Managers & the Importance of Transparency
28:53 Leveraging Hiring Managers
30:05 Proactive Communication with Hiring Managers
32:21 Timely Communication & Moving Quickly with Candidates
36:14 The Process of Creating a Job Description
39:42 Calibrating the Hiring Panel
43:05 Creating a Job Description
43:29 Aligning Corporate Brand with Employer Brand
48:59 Corporate Branding vs Company Values
50:21 Using Videos to Attract Talent
55:22 Including Employee Stories in Job Descriptions
58:07 Outro

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