Embed recruiters in your team.
External experts will join your team on demand, using your tools and processes to reach hiring goals. Pay a monthly subscription fee and start instantly.

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“When our recruitment needs increased from 400 to 600 roles, we turned to freelance recruiters from Relancer. They integrated with our in-house team and delivered exceptional results.”
Global Head of Talent Analytics, Sourcing & Research at Nortal
Piret L.
Grow your team with embedded recruitment specialists
Specialist knowledge
Growing fast, filling niche roles or searching for talent in specific markets? Specialized recruiters’ expertise will come in handy.
Building an in-house recruiting team takes time. With embedded solutions, you can get started right away and fill urgent roles quickly.
Cost-effective solution
Keep up with fluctuating hiring needs without the burden of payroll costs or cumulating agency placement fees.
How it works
1. Tell us about your challenges
Let us know what you need help with. Share details about your recruiting needs, budget and vacancies.
2. Choose your recruiters
Within 48 hours, you'll get vetted recruiters that fit your needs in your inbox. Meet recruiters you’re excited about and pick the ones you want to collaborate with.
3. Start collaborating
Now you can start collaborating with your selected recruiters. Our Advisors will support you every step of the way.
4. Pay a fixed monthly fee
Pay a fixed monthly fee with no hidden costs. Add new recruiters to your embedded team at any time or decrease the number of recruiters as your needs change.
Why companies choose Relancer
Diverse recruiter network across 150 countries
You’ll have access to one of the biggest recruiter pools in the world. Over 1500 recruiters with different skills, locations, languages and talent pools. Work with recruiters that have hired for companies like Bolt, Typeform and Wise.
Stay flexible, cancel at any time
Get started instantly and adjust as you go. You can increase or decrease the number of recruiters every month. You’re free to cancel at any time - with only a month’s notice. No lock-in, hidden costs or penalties for canceling.
Recruiters of your choice
You’ll have the freedom to choose the recruiters you want to work with. We’ll suggest the best recruiters for you but you can turn down any recruiter who isn't the right cultural fit or whose skills and experience don’t match your needs.
Cut down on legal and administrative work
Working with Relancer means you have only one partner for all the recruiters you’ll ever need. No need for navigating multiple recruiting partners. Simplify your operations and cut down on the paperwork.
Not sure if this is the right solution for you?
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CEO Of Relancer
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