Embed recruiters in your team.
External experts will join your team on demand, using your tools and processes to reach hiring goals. Pay a monthly subscription fee and start instantly. It’s flexible, efficient and tailored to your needs.

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“A large variety of specialists guarantee that your roles will be filled by the best-equipped partner. You get matched with the right recruiter instantly.”
Global Director of Tech Talent Acquisition at HelloFresh
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How it works
1. Tell us about your challenges
Let us know what you need help with. Share details about your recruiting needs, budget and vacancies.
2. Choose your recruiters
Within 48 hours, you'll get vetted recruiters that fit your needs in your inbox. Meet recruiters you’re excited about and pick the ones you want to collaborate with.
3. Start collaborating
Now you can start collaborating with your selected recruiters. Our Advisors will support you every step of the way.
4. Pay a fixed monthly fee
Pay a fixed monthly fee with no hidden costs. Add new recruiters to your embedded team at any time or decrease the number of recruiters as your needs change.
Why Relancer
Tailored to your needs
Scaling? Building a team in a new market? Looking for long term support for your in-house team? You name it - we’ll tailor the best solution for your specific hiring challenges. Get as many embedded recruiters as you need, for as long as you need them.
Fast and flexible
Building an in-house recruiting time takes time. Get started fast with embedded recruiters who’ll recruit for urgent roles and help you build processes for future growth. You can easily add more recruiters if you’re scaling or make your recruiting team smaller if your hiring needs change.
One-stop-shop for global talent
Get the best talent from anywhere in the world. With skilled and experienced recruiters covering 150 countries, Relancer is your one-stop-shop for talent, wherever they are located.
Own your talent pool and processes
Embedded recruiters are an extension of your in-house team. As they help you fill roles, they’re building your own talent pool. They also use your company’s tools and processes. This means you have total control of your candidate experience and hiring process.
Build your employer brand
When you outsource your recruitment to an external agency, you don’t have much control over your employer brand. Embedded recruiters will become advocates of your brand and make sure they provide the best candidate experience so your brand can flourish.
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