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How to use storytelling in the interviewing stage | Relancer Podcast #9

How to use storytelling in the interviewing stage | Relancer Podcast #9

In today's episode, we peek into interviewing and storytelling with Nadia Vatalidis, Interim Director, Talent Acquisition at Camunda.

About the guest

Nadia has a distinguished track record in building startups and scaling companies, emphasizing that the best companies are built through collaborative efforts. She is passionate about designing effective employee experiences in remote-first environments and fostering inclusive cultures.

Previously, 👉👉 contributing to its growth from 75 to 1300 employees. Her work at Remote significantly impacted people operations and internal onboarding, helping scale operations across over 75 countries.

About the episode

After discussing her background in talent acquisition at companies like GitLab and her current role at Camunda, Nadia Vatalidis delves into the significance of storytelling in recruitment. She emphasizes how storytelling can be effectively used in interviews to convey a company's mission and core values. Nadia explains the transition from traditional in-person interviews to virtual formats, highlighting the importance of building trust and transparency without physical presence.

She also discusses the strategic use of structured interviews to maintain focus and consistency across the hiring process. Throughout the episode, Nadia shares insights on preparing interview questions that reflect the company's goals and the role's requirements, advocating for a methodical approach to ensure fairness and inclusivity. As she shares her experiences and strategies, Nadia underscores the essential role of authentic communication in engaging potential candidates and enhancing the overall recruitment experience.


  • Storytelling in Recruitment: Nadia Vatalidis discusses how storytelling is pivotal in recruitment, especially in virtual settings, allowing companies to communicate their values and mission effectively.
  • Transition to Virtual Interviews: With a shift from in-person to virtual interviews, Nadia highlights the need for trust and transparency, emphasizing that these elements are crucial for successful remote recruitment.
  • Structured Interviewing Techniques: She advocates for structured interviews that align with company goals and the specific role, ensuring consistency and fairness in candidate evaluation.
  • Preparation and Inclusivity: Nadia stresses the importance of preparing interview questions that are not only reflective of the company's strategic aims but also ensure an inclusive approach to interviewing all candidates.
  • Authentic Communication: The essential role of authentic communication is underscored throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that potential employees understand the genuine culture and expectations of the company.

Topics discussed

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Nadia's Experience with Storytelling
03:30 Interviewing Remote vs On-Site
08:55 The Power of Storytelling in the Interviewing Process
26:48 Creating a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Candidates
29:39 The Importance of Asking Questions
33:58 Using Storytelling to Inspire the Potential Candidates
40:45 Authentic Storytelling for Attracting Candidates
46:10 Nadia's Main Tips for Interviewing
48:11 Outro

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