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Generative AI: Transforming business and recruitment | Relancer Podcast #2

Join us as we discuss the opportunities and challenges of generative AI on business and recruitment in episode 2 of the Relancer Podcast.
Generative AI: Transforming business and recruitment | Relancer Podcast #2

In today's episode we discuss the impact of generative AI in business and recruitment with Dov Zavadskis, experienced talent sourcer and founder of Befriend AI.

About the episode

After Dov shares his background in talent sourcing and his transition to using generative AI, he goes into explaining its impact on business. He then explores the advantages of generative AI but also the challenges and concerns that come with it. Dov also explains the impact of generative AI on recruitment and sourcing, including the ways AI is currently being misused. He shares examples of how AI can be used in recruitment, such as creating expert personas and improving job descriptions. As Dov shares tips for recruiters getting started with AI, he highlights the importance of human touch in recruitment.


  • Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize recruitment and sourcing by automating tasks, improving efficiency, and providing strategic insights.
  • Using generative AI will become an essential skill for candidates in the future, just like employers expect candidates to be proficient in tools such as Microsoft Word.
  • There are still many challenges and concerns about generative AI, such as legal issues, copyright threats, spamming and the rise of fake or misleading content.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers should approach generative AI as a tool to enhance their work, rather than relying solely on it. They should use generative AI to improve their processes and messaging.
  • The recruitment process should evolve with the rise of generative AI. Some tactics, such as asking candidates to submit cover letters, don’t make a lot of sense today.
  • While AI can optimize and automate certain aspects of recruitment, the human touch and relationship-building remain crucial. The future of recruitment will likely involve a balance between AI and human interaction.

Topics discussed

00:00 Introduction
05:10 Dov's Transition to Generative AI
10:00 Potential of Generative AI
11:26 Effect of AI on the Job Market
22:51 Misconceptions About Generative AI
28:08 How Organizations Benefit from Generative AI
36:16 Challenges and Concerns of Generative AI
36:13 Impact of Generative AI on Recruitment and Sourcing
45:48 Training ChatGPT
47:15 Impact of AI on Recruitment and Sourcing
53:16 Examples of Using AI in Recruitment
59:47 Tips for Getting Started with Generative AI as a Recruiter
01:01:14 Will AI Replace Recruiters or Sourcers?
01:05:50 Outro

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